Demonic Possession on the Portland Riots


Visitor submit by Bill Hennessey

The forces of darkness are successful the Battle of Portland as a result of they’ve enlisted demonic assist. Actually, it appears Antifa/BLM forces in Portland are working below the command and management of Satanic Headquarters.

How Demons Function

The non secular world is legalistic. Demons are allowed to tempt people. If the human, exercising free will, responds to the demonic prompts, bother ensues.

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Adam C. Blai is the Peritus of Non secular Demonology and Exorcism for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh and one of many main lay specialists on demons in the USA. He has assisted ordained clergymen in dozens of solemn exorcisms and tons of of much less extreme circumstances.

In his e-book, Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms, Blai gives fundamental details about human-demon interplay.

  • Demons are fallen angels.
  • The non secular world is legalistic.
  • God makes the principles, and spirits can not break them.
  • People train free will in selecting whether or not or not to reply to demonic overtures. This free will permits people to give up their authorized rights to demons.
  • Demons are restricted to no matter authorized rights folks have given them by their free-will selections.
  • The free will selections of fogeys for his or her kids can present authorized rights for interactions. Mother and father can flip over their kids’s our bodies to demons.
  • There are 5 varieties of non secular circumstances, however the two sorts that appear to be at work in Antifa/BLM are oppression and possession.

As soon as an individual has surrendered his authorized rights to demons, solely God can restore the particular person’s freedom and solely with the desire and consent of the oppressed or possessed.

Regular Demonic Oppression and Possession

Normally of possession, the possessed do one thing to give up some authorized rights to demons. Actions that may invite demonic affect embrace collaborating in a seance, play with an Ouija board, ask some “spirit” of nature to help them to find a job, assembly a mate. However mere sinfulness, neglect of prayer, or wishing for temporal positive aspects can open the door to evil spirits.

As soon as we crack the door to the diabolic, demons exploit this invitation to demand we give up much more rights to them. The possessed needs to be free from the demonic possession however is afraid of the demons. Michel Chiron, an educator in an institute for the mentally disabled, explains the method.

Feeling lonely after a divorce, Chiron determined to hunt “solutions” with a pendulum and Scrabble letters. Having fallen away from the Catholic religion of his youth, Chiron turned to the “spirit” world for assist. He informed National Catholic Register in a 2019 interview:

However in the future, the letters stated: “Now, we received’t want the pendulum anymore. We’ll speak to you instantly, from inside you.” And I instantly heard bizarre voices coming from my head, from my chest and throat. They wished to indicate me they may completely management me. In some unspecified time in the future, they stated, “It’s the satan talking.” I used to be so afraid. I trashed the pendulum instantly and went instantly to mattress. I slept like a brick. Once I awoke, they began enjoying with me. “Yesterday we scared you, however now we’ll let you know the reality,” they stated.

At this level, Chiron was demonically oppressed. He was scared. Demons have been now speaking with him from the within. Quickly, Michel Chiron’s unhealthy dream of oppression would flip right into a full-time nightmare of possession.

I don’t know what number of spirits have been inside me, however they have been positively a formidable quantity. They stated they have been despatched by their “king” and described themselves as a part of the “first kingdom.” There was a hierarchy. At first, they described themselves as spirits of anterior lives and never as demons, in fact. I requested them many questions, particularly how they have been fashioned. We had a dialogue. They stated: “You don’t know that, however we’re fabricated from ions, of particles.” In addition they informed me issues about my life and childhood, issues I completely forgot. They’d a full entry to my mind and reminiscence.

Quickly, the demons compelled him to behave out in public.

They stated their program was to rework me in order that I might have “potentialities.” Such potentialities have been clearly diabolical, however I didn’t know that at the moment. They stated I had been chosen for that. It was loopy. They stated that such potentialities have been meant to assist me deliver extra folks to their king.

[T]hey would ask me to carry a card deck, and they might at all times guess which card I used to be about to select. Then, after about 10 days, it turned worse. The actual nightmare started. They started making me stick out my tongue, and there was nothing I might do. The primary time they did it, it lasted greater than 30 minutes. And I felt tingling sensations in my head, identical to hundreds of ants attempting to chunk me. They actually tormented me. Someday, whereas I used to be consuming, my palate began bleeding. I couldn’t eat, it was so painful, and I couldn’t eat something robust. For a couple of week, I couldn’t eat something however comfortable meals.

To study extra about Chiron’s possession, exorcism, and eventual escape from demonic possession, learn ‘I Was Possessed’: How One Man Was Freed From Satanic Possession at National Catholic Register.

Michel Chiron’s story is of a “regular” possession. Although Chiron invited demonic affect by dabbling within the occult, he instantly regretted his mistake. It took over a decade to interrupt free from the evil spirits, however he by no means completely gave into the demonic. He didn’t worship their “king.”

However not all circumstances of possession are like Chiron’s. There are individuals who, not solely invite demonic presence into their lives; they voluntarily give up their entire our bodies, wills, minds, and souls to the satan. They refuse any divine help or affords of deliverance prayers. They by no means search the assistance of the Church. This voluntary full give up to the preternatural is named “excellent possession.”

LA Cop Turned Demonologist

Jesse Romero, the writer of Devil in the City of Angeles, is a Catholic speaker and demonologist for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Romero is a former LA County Sheriff detective. Since retiring from LACO, Romero, like Blai, has assisted in dozens of exorcisms. He has met not less than two completely possessed folks. In keeping with Romero,

“Excellent possession” describes a state wherein an individual not solely freely invitations a demon to own him, but additionally cooperates, with full consent of the thoughts and can, within the demon’s malicious need to destroy God’s Kingdom and kids.

Romero’s first encounter with a superbly possessed particular person got here in his early days as a cop. Romero was assigned to the LA County Jail’s Mentally In poor health Offenders Unit. One of many prisoners in that unit was the notorious “evening stalker” killer, Richard Ramirez.

In his cell was “The Satanic Bible,” which he learn day by day, and a stack of pornographic magazines about two to 3 toes excessive. His conscience was lifeless, little doubt, on account of what he learn…After he was convicted . . . and free to speak about his case, he informed me that he had been ordered to kill these girls by Devil, whom he referred to as his father. He would admit this fairly readily to the deputy sheriffs in jail (after he was convicted). He had a tattoo of a pentagram on his hand, and on his approach of courtroom day by day, he would flash the tattoo and make a satanic signal along with his arms (the satan’s horns) for the cameras day by day. This is called excellent possession, when the particular person makes a pact with the satan along with his mind and can.

We’ve discovered that demons know all the things about folks, talk instantly with human hosts and one another and that human technique of surveillance can not intercept them.

Quickly we’ll see how demonic command and management might be coordinating Antifa/BLM’s sustained siege of Portland and sporadic assaults in different cities throughout the nation. However first, we have to look a bit deeper into demonic communications.

Demonic Communication and Imaginative and prescient

I ask Thee to bind in Thy Blood all of their attributes, features and traits, all of their interactions, communications and deceitful video games.

— Ripperger, Father Chad A.. Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity (p. 18). Sensus Traditionis Press.

Deliverance prayers are particular, formulaic prayers written by Catholic exorcists and authorised by bishops for requesting divine help in eradicating demonic affect from an individual’s life. Some deliverance prayers are reserved to be used by clergymen whereas performing solemn exorcisms below a bishop’s route. Some, nevertheless, are authorised to be used by the laity.

Father Chad Ripperger has compiled these prayers for the laity right into a small e-book, Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity. These deliverance prayers have widespread themes. Amongst them:

  • Prayers to blind demons.
  • Prayers to isolate demons.
  • Prayers to chop off demonic communication with one another.

As soon as the demons can not talk and coordinate, they turn out to be a lot simpler to manage, bind, and solid out by prayer and fasting.

Due to this fact, deliverance prayers ask God to blind demons from seeing what we people are doing and pondering, and from speaking with every about our actions and ideas. So long as demons are free to speak, plan, and coordinate, man is at their mercy.

As we’ll now see, even skilled fight veterans can not compete with demonically managed folks.

Intel from Fight Specialists

Three adorned, armed fight veterans have been just lately incapacitated and almost killed by Antifa/BLM terrorist in Portland. The three have been shocked, overwhelmed, overwhelmed, and chased 11 blocks by armed, educated, and coordinated enemy combatants proper right here within the USA. Particular obligation Portland law enforcement officials witnessed the beating and chase, however the police might do nothing to cease it.

How might this occur? How might Antifa terrorists be higher educated and outfitted in communications, surveillance, and tactical execution than a United States Marine?

Maybe the USMC and the police are preventing the improper battle with completely insufficient weapons and techniques.

One Marine’s account of his painful, scary, and humiliating encounter with Portland’s kids of darkness seems like an encounter with demons and the possessed.

The Marine who wrote this warning was with the Marine’s 1st LAR 0311 from the early to late 2000s. Since then, he has been a contractor, presumably in safety. His abstract of the encounter begins:

Me [sic] and three of my buddies have been in Portland this weekend, received attacked by Antifa. There’s a Twitter video with tens of millions of views on it. They ended up on Hannity and Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, and many others., of us getting overwhelmed with bats and rocks the scale of cantaloupes thrown at us, getting spit on and many others. We have been all carrying pistols as nicely. Alternative, capacity and jeopardy, we have been in a lethal drive scenario and we might simply articulate using lethal drive, however that they had pepper sprayed us. They have been utilizing industrial strobe lights on us, and many others. We couldn’t PID [positively identify] our goal and what lied past it, They [Antifa/BLM] did a fantastic job of taking our situational consciousness away, it was fucking unimaginable.

Bro my perspective on this modified a lot.

The three veterans have been in Portland for interviews to turn out to be Portland law enforcement officials, to not confront rioters. They requested and acquired permission from the police to witness the riots that they may quickly be dealing with as rookie Portland law enforcement officials.

However in all of the coaching that I’ve been by means of my life, I’ve by no means been in a single the place within the first 5 seconds of the situation you’re blinded with a strobe gentle and sprayed with pepper spray…. That adjustments all the things*.

They have been throwing these rocks from 15 toes again within the crowd, you couldn’t see who the fuck by means of it, and many others. issues like that…. It’s only a good speaking level for guys that carry hid, however you could suppose by means of all these totally different situations.

The half that seems like features of an exorcism begins at this level.

It received approach worse after that video ended, they chased us for 11 metropolis blocks. They’d a convoy of about 25 autos that lower us off on the subsequent intersection, They’d scouts on the nook with radios, that they had a drone following us, that they had a bull horn calling us Nazis, and the group was following a purple strobe gentle that was up within the air on a stick, so they’d announce Nazis after which folks would comply with the purple strobe gentle, That video is only the start, I’ve received a fucking fractured hand from a baton, everybody of us has black and blue bruises up and down their legs and again, I had a man spit in my face from 6 inches away, name me a pussy and a coward for not doing something about it, after which inform me that he was going to search out the place I dwell, rape my mom, rape my kids in entrance of me after which kill me.

As we have been operating from the group after in regards to the third block or so, we’re sprinting as a result of the mob head caught again as much as us and autos have been attempting to chop us off, I put my hand on the again strap on my appendix, And I heard anyone yell “Hey bro, no matter you’re reaching for, don’t attain, simply hold operating, they’re nonetheless 30 toes behind you. Preserve operating straight

The three discovered that Portland police had been observing their assault and chase all alongside.

We get 11 blocks down the street and this black Chevy Impala is ghosting us down the road, he’s type of been in our shadow since block two or three He rolls his window down and begins asking us a bunch of questions. Why are we right here, what are we doing, telling us we have to get the fuck out of right here, asking us the place our automobile is and many others., we just about informed him to get the fuck away from us as a result of we didn’t know who he was. I lastly requested him at one level, Who the fuck are you, man, you could depart us alone, and he was like I’m the fucking police, bro, who’re you? So he pulled his automobile over and he and his accomplice talked to us. He was one of many particular applications guys, both with SWAT or SRT or no matter. He was the one which yelled at me to not attain, and tried to assist us out. He stated he knew that we’ve been pepper sprayed and we’re having bother seeing, I type of snapped at him, Like hey motherfucker, You’ve been watching this entire factor fucking unfold and also you didn’t intervene in any respect or gentle the group up or one thing? He began laughing and he was like, Man, if I received out and tried that will help you guys, my fucking automobile can be on fireplace proper now, and I’d be operating subsequent to you.

(You possibly can learn their entire account here.)

We Have to Stage the Battle Subject

The Antifa/BLM forces appear to be below the command and management of demonic forces. People are not any match for demons. Higher techniques and tools won’t flip the tide. We should struggle their non secular fireplace with the facility of God by means of prayer. We should humbly settle for that, because the lowliest of God’s creatures, we’re the mercy of the non secular world.

Whereas prudence requires that we put together ourselves bodily for encounters with evil, survival calls for that we flip over the battle plan to God as hundreds of St. Louisans did when our iconic statue of St. Louis IX, King of France, got here below assault this summer season.

When a fringe group of anti-Christian radicals threatened to topple the St. Louis statue on Artwork Hill in St. Louis’s Forest Park, Christians didn’t take up arms; we took up Rosaries.

From June to September, generally dozens, generally tons of of Catholics and supportive non-Catholics prayed peacefully, ignoring the taunts from the youngsters of darkness. We surrendered the result to the Holy Will of God and (up thus far) prevailed.

How many individuals are praying for the great to prevail in Portland? In Rochester? In Denver? What would occur if hundreds or tens of millions of People acknowledged that “our wrestle isn’t in opposition to flesh and blood, however in opposition to the rulers, in opposition to the authorities, in opposition to the powers of this darkish world and in opposition to the non secular forces of evil within the heavenly realms?” (Ephesians 6:12)

What would occur if we have been to place down our weapons and “placed on the complete armor of God, in order that when the day of evil comes, you might be able to stand your floor, and after you’ve carried out all the things, to face?” (Ephesians 6:13)

Maybe it’s time to name within the cavalry of heaven in order that we will “Stand agency then, with the belt of fact buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and along with your toes fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Along with all this, take up the defend of religion, with which you’ll extinguish all of the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the phrase of God.” (Ephesians 6:14-17)

The wrestle in America is of human origin, however one aspect has referred to as in superior air help. Let’s stage the battlefield by begging assist from the Angels of God, from Our Girl Queen of Victories, from all the heavenly host. For, as St. Paul reminds us, our wrestle isn’t in opposition to flesh and blood.


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