Why Was the CIA Spying on American Residents?


It’s unlawful, or a minimum of on paper it’s, for the CIA to spy on Americans on American soil. So why was the CIA spying on Mr. Edward Butowsky and/or Matt Sofa? In case you have learn Joe Hoft’s wonderful piece (see here) on the most recent trials and travails of Ty Clevenger, an intrepid legal professional battling the Deep State, who has been preventing for greater than three years to safe the discharge of damning paperwork exposing the Russia hoax and sedition by the Obama Administration, you recognize he’s forcing the FBI to cough it up.

However the newest response additionally contained this bombshell–the CIA was spying on his purchasers as effectively. Ty’s newest account of this new data dump from the US Division of Justice is posted at LawFlog. Listed below are some key snippets:

In The Transparency Mission v. Division of Justice, et al., my consumer requested to see data indicating whether or not the CIA or its Directorate of Digital Innovation, its contractors, and many others. inserted Russian “fingerprints” into the metadata of the emails that had been launched publicly. (You’ll be able to evaluate your complete request by clicking here and studying Paragraph 11).

In a joint report filed today, the CIA knowledgeable the court docket that it intends to claim a Glomar response to the request, i.e., that it “can’t affirm or deny” the existence of such data. . . . [In other words], The Central Intelligence Company will neither affirm nor deny that it fabricated the Russian “fingerprints” in Democratic Nationwide Committee emails printed in 2016 by Wikileaks and “Guccifer 2.0.”, and the FBI implicitly acknowledged immediately that it by no means reviewed the contents of DNC worker Seth Wealthy’s laptop computer regardless of gaining custody of the laptop computer after his homicide.

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Full disclosure–Mr. Clevenger is a good friend of mine. He writes in his article that he reached out to me and I made some telephone calls to retired pals who held senior positions on the CIA. My pals and I agreed {that a} GLOMAR response to the fundamental query, Did you spy on Mr. Butowsky and/or Mr. Sofa was a tacit admission-yes!

Ty explains this level clearly and succinctly:

Permit me as an example the purpose. If I requested the CIA for intercepted emails from the president of one other nation, the CIA would rightly problem a Glomar response, as a result of it could not need to affirm or deny that it has been spying on the overseas president. That’s what Glomar is for, as a result of the CIA is within the enterprise of secretly spying on overseas presidents, officers, brokers, and many others.

My consumer’s request, however, is extra akin to asking the CIA for data displaying whether or not it helped Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate President John F. Kennedy. We might anticipate the CIA to declare that it has no such data as a result of it could by no means do such a factor.

Why would the CIA spy on Mr. Butowsky, for instance. Ed Butowsky was introduced into the Seth Wealthy saga in December 2016 by Ellen Ratner, the sister-in-law of Julian Assange’s former lawyer. Ellen spoke with Julian in November 2016 and requested Mr. Butowsky to achieve out to the dad and mom of Seth Wealthy and get them some assist investigating who murdered their son. It ought to come as no shock that the CIA, the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ had been monitoring each communication going out and in of Wikileaks, together with all communications of all personnel working at or related to Wikileaks. We all know this because of the proof and writings of Mr. Edward Snowden. As soon as Snowden made his escape to Russia with the assistance of Wikileaks, Wikileaks grew to become a primary intelligence goal. Each the US and the UK had ample trigger to make sure that no new secrets and techniques leaked out of Wiki and caught them unawares. In mild of the excellent monitoring of all Wiki communications, I consider the intel people knew precisely the contents of Ratner’s chat with Assange, which finally led them to Ed (i.e, Ellen Ratner talked to Julian after which talked to Ed to relay a request from Julian to assist the Wealthy household).

Now that Donald Trump has finally released FBI documents on Russiagate (I have no idea if there are any CIA paperwork within the pile), we will see what the FBI needed to say about Mr. Wealthy. Too dangerous the President waited so lengthy to do that.  If he had compelled the problem final yr the plot to steal the 2020 election may need been disrupted.


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